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This is where the difference between “a community elected” and “a group of elected individuals” is so critical. Every Christian agrees that there are and have been individuals in the church who are not believers and thus are not elect.

Christian men should hate passivity. It should leave a bitter taste in our mouths wherever we see it. It should make our stomachs sick when we see it in our own lives.

When something unpleasant, or even painful, happens we excuse murmuring and grumbling as a minor offense or not an offense at all. But the trained eye of the Bible has a different perspective. It recognizes the hidden discontentment and sees a murmuring spirit as a potentially nasty infection.

The Father does love His children and He is the King of kings. One does not nonchalantly waltz into the presence of a king yet we are invited, even commanded, into His presence. These are not conflicting or contradictory.