Bible Reading


With the new year comes new opportunities to grow in your knowledge of God through his Word. Each day, dive into carefully curated passages that cover the breadth and depth of the Old and New Testaments. From the narratives of Genesis to the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels, every day brings a new opportunity to explore, reflect, and grow. Start your journey today and witness the power of consistent, purposeful engagement with God's word.

What is this plan?

  • The whole Bible in 5 readings per week
  • Ordered by redemptive history 
  • Chronological Old Testament 
  • One gospel per quarter rather than all at once
  • With the Psalms harmonized with the other readings

Why read all of God's Word this year?

  • To glorify God for all He has done (Romans 11:36)
  • To hear Jesus proclaimed in all of God's Word (John 5:39)
  • To apply all of God's Word to all of life (2 Timothy 3:16-17)