gospel communities

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What are Gospel Communities?

A Gospel Community is a group of people who help one another live out the implications of the gospel by knowing each other, caring for each other, and being on God’s mission together.

  • Worship: Loving God together through obedience to God’s Truth and the leading of the Spirit.
  • Community: Loving one another through authentic relationships and serving each other.
  • Mission: Loving others together through hospitable environments and a commitment to reproducing.

Gospel Communities are smaller family expressions of the extended family of Proclaim. We need these smaller communities to help us seek out the implications of the Gospel on our lives and hold us accountable to applying those truths as the Holy Spirit leads us. In that way, each one is unique though there are common aspects to all Gospel Communities.


What do Gospel Communities do?

Each Gospel Community is different. In fact, even the same community will look different during different seasons. Generally, however, Gospel Communities meet regularly (at least 3 times a month) as well as seek to connect with each other in the regular rhythms of life.

Gospel Communities are not Bible studies or prayer groups, but they do study and apply God’s Word and pray for one another.  They don’t just seek to be informed by God’s Word, but to be transformed as they speak the truth in love to one another. They may foster discussion around Bible reading plans, sermons or life events.

Gospel Communities are not community groups or social clubs, but they do seek to know and be known by each other and grow in their love and friendship through fun and meaningful activities. They make space to know and enjoy one another. This may look like monthly group date nights, meals together, sharing testimonies, game nights or bonfires.

Gospel Communities are not ministry teams, but they do serve one another and those outside the family of God. They go out to serve the community and invite people into their homes and lives, treating outsiders like insiders. This may look like regularly meeting a community need or hosting neighborhood parties. 

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