family worship

Family worship is important to our church. Learn how you can implement it into your family with these resources.

Family Worship Resources

Here is a list of resources that we think are worth reading, listening to, and/or taking a look at. Many of these resources are available for free on audiobook through local libraries, can be found cheaply, or can be borrowed. This list is not an automatic endorsement of everything in every book. But we believe them to hold compelling arguments worth considering regarding the role of families in the discipleship of children and each other or helpful resources in practicing family worship.

About Family Worship:

For Use in Family Worship:

  • New City Catechism - Book or App - The app contains both a “Kid’s Version”  and a more advanced version with a more robust and precise answer. This is great as families grow in their understanding of the faith and seek to understand things more deeply. The app is free and contains songs for the children’s version, biblical references that can be read in the app, and commentary from theologians throughout history.
  • Westminister Shorter Catechism - A historic catechism used by Christian parents for centuries. It can also be accessed for free online. 
  • "Family Worship Bible Guide" by Joel Beeke - Contains brief, easy-to-read questions for every chapter in the bible.
  • 1650 Scottish Psalter - The psalms set to rhyme and meter. They can be sung to many common tunes such as “Amazing Grace”, or “O For a Thousand Tongues”. Copies can be purchased for use, but the Psalter is free online from many sources.
  • Hymns - Many hymns are easily accessible for singing, have many examples online, and most are free to use online in the public domain.
  • Proclaim Church Spotify Playlist - Contains most of the music that we’ve used in corporate worship over the years. This is updated from time to time as we add and remove songs from our rotation.
  • “Follow Me: Bible Stories for Young Children” by Van Binsbergen - This is the storybook bible that we use on Sunday mornings during Kidmin for the 0-5-year-olds who are preparing to join the church in corporate worship.