Welcome Home

We're so glad you are considering coming to Proclaim. We are thankful that Jesus is willing to take us from where we are today, not where we should have been, and sets us on a new path. Perhaps you've been a Christian for years but are new to town. Maybe you've not been to church in decades. Whatever the case, we hope you join us as we glorify God and seek to apply all of His Word to all of life. 

Our service starts at 10 am but you may want to come a few minutes early for the great coffee!


What about the Service

Each Sunday our goal is to glorify God by singing, praying, and reading Scripture, as well as taking communion together. Our services are typically around 90 minutes long.

Kids? We love to have kids in service with their families! We understand that there may be an adjustment period for many families. We provide an unstaffed room with an audio feed of service for those mornings when a parent needs to step out of service with a child. We also provide clipboards with kids' activities. 

To goal for our families is greater and deeper participation together in the public worship of God's people. There aren't quick fixes. We want to work with families over the long haul to raise children who desire to worship God with other believers. 


  • We sing together
  • We participate in a catechism question
  • We read from the Bible
  • We listen to a sermon
  • We take communion
  • We sing some more.