We aren’t interested in “pitching” our church to you but it can be reassuring to have some idea of what to expect before visiting a church for the first time. This is intended to give you an accurate picture of what you will likely experience so that you can prepare yourself and your family to join us on a Sunday morning. You can expect:
Expository Preaching
In many churches, the sermon is like a pep talk with a few verses added. We ordinarily work through books of the Bible, explaining it carefully and seeking to make the point of the sermon the point of the text while applying it to all of life.
Family Oriented
Corporate worship is important for children of all ages. We want to help and encourage parents as they train their kids to participate fully in worship. In fact, you will often see kids participating with their families in the life of the church.
Gospel Liturgy
We gather in worship to draw near to the Lord as He renews His covenant and blesses us. Each week follows the same pattern. He calls us into His presence, we confess and He cleanses us, we hear from His Word, commune at His table, and He sends us out.
Hospitable Community
Expect to be greeted warmly and to learn some new names. If you are around a few weeks, you will likely be invited to a fellowship lunch after service, to a small group, or to someone’s house for dinner.
Bible Saturated
Scripture is God’s revelation to man. We want to live by it. It is prominent in worship as we read, sing, and pray Scripture, as well as in our groups and other events.  We encourage our church to read God’s Word regularly.
Ordinary People
We are ordinary people with different abilities and flaws, seeking to serve God and one another. All of us rely on the grace of Jesus as we make mistakes, seek forgiveness, and learn to be gracious with one another.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where do you meet?

We meet at 10 AM. Our building is located at 121 Allcutt Ave., Bonner Springs.

How long is your service?

Our service is typically around 80 minutes long.

Do you have nursery care available for little children?

We provide an unstaffed nursery and nursing mother room, both with audio feeds of the service, for those mornings when a parent needs to step out with a child. We also provide clipboards with kids' activities. 

Can I participate in the Lord’s Supper?

All baptized Christians are invited to the Lord’s Table. You do not need to be a member of our church.