November 5, 2023

The Disease of Discontentment

Preacher: Cody Waterman Series: 1 Timothy Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:2–10

  1. The Disease of Discontentment

    1. How discontentment infects the life of the church
    2. How discontentment infects the heart of the Christian
  2. The Disease has symptoms
    1. Arrogant Ambition
    2. Selfish Gain
  3. The Cure for Discontentment
    1. Faith in Christ produces contentment
    2. What is contentment?
    3. How do we get contentment? 
      1. it Is already ours in Christ, yet we must learn it
      2. Look to Christ, not your conditions
    4. How do we grow in contentment?
      1. Contentment comes by subtracting desires, not adding to our condition
      2. Contentment comes by turning temporal evils into eternal benefits
      3. Contentment comes by seeing God’s blessing even in a little, not in needing much.
      4. Contentment comes by desiring to obey where we are, not working to get what we desire

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